Sibylline Mountains and Castelluccio in Umbria

Sibylline Mountains (Monti Sibillini) in Umbria

Sibylline Mountains (Monti Sibillini) in Umbria

Sibylline Mountains

Castelluccio and the Monti Sibillini of Umbria

Sybilline Mountains Umbria
Sibylline Mountains of Umbria

Castelluccio di Norcia is a small high-country village situated in the the Sibylline Mountains (Monti Sibillini) of Umbria, a mountain cluster that forms part of Apennine mountain range. Most of the peaks are over 2,000 m (6,600 ft) with the highest altitude being reached by Monte Vettore at 2,476 m (8,123 ft). Since 1993 the area has been part of the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini. The geomorphology is dominated by U-shaped valleys and glacial plains formed by huge glaciers during the last ice age. Aside from the spectacular “big sky” panoramas, the attraction of these high altitude valleys and plains is the “Fiorita” or “Fioritura” (the Floweringof Castelluccio di Norcia. Between the end of May and the beginning of July of each year, the plains change colour as millions of flowering plants burst into bloom.

The road you should follow during this tour is one of the most scenic routes in Italy. It runs between Spoleto and Norcia crossing the Sibylline Mountains National Park, taking in Castelluccio

Castelluccio di Norcia
Fioritura of Castelluccio di Norcia

Multiple floral species colour the Pian Grande and the Pian Perduto.  These include gentians, daffodils, violets, poppies, buttercups, asphodels, violet Eugeniae, clovers, shamrocks and many others. The yellow and delicate corollas of wild mustard (Sinapis arvensis) flower at the same time as the first poppies (Papaver rhoeas), which give that first touch of red to the plain. The first flowering takes place towards the beginning of June and new colours are sequentially added. In mid-June , the shades of white characteristic of bastard chamomile (Anthemis arvensis) and leucanthemum ( Leucathemum vulgare ) begin to appear , waving in the wind that is channeled through the plain, together with poppies and wild mustard. In June, the “mirror of Venus” ( Legousia speculum – veneris ), appears – an elegant plant with a floral axis that stands out on cultivated fields and colours them with a blue tone that ranges from violet and light blue.

June is a month when Nature makes its first awakening in Castelluccio and the full flowering begins. The climax is generally in the months of June and early July … when the arrival of the cornflower is added to this floral show. The latter gives its touch of violet colour and the Pian Grande, Il Pian Piccolo and Il Pian Perduto offer a truly unique show.

Umbria mountain flowers
Umbria mountain flowers
Piana di Castelluccio di Norcia Umbria
Piana di Castelluccio