Areas of Umbria

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Val di Chiana

Val di Chiana

The Val di Chiana (Chiana Valley) is located in the territories of the provinces of Arezzo and Sienna in Tuscany and the provinces of Perugia and Terni in Umbria. For travellers between Rome and Florence, the Val di Chiana represents the point of contact between the Regions of Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio.

Sibylline Mountains (Monti Sibillini) in Umbria

Sibylline Mountains Umbria

Castelluccio di Norcia is a small high-country village situated in the the Sibylline Mountains (Monti Sibillini) of Umbria. The geomorphology is dominated by U-shaped valleys and glacial plains formed by huge glaciers during the last ice age. The attraction of these high altitude valleys is the “Fiorita” or “Fioritura” (the Flowering) of Castelluccio di Norcia. Between the end of May and the beginning of July of each year, the plains change colour as millions of flowering plants burst into bloom.