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Panicale, Umbria, Italy

Panicale is famous for its magnificent views out over Lake Trasimeno and the Umbrian hills beyond. It is a small town of great charm in itself and well worth a visit. The outermost houses follow the line of the original walls and in fact incorporate parts of the walls into their structures. Panicale still has two ancient gates and previously was surrounded by a moat.

Two or three concentric streets spiral in to the Piazza Grande. Although documented as early as 907, Panicale in its current forms dates from the 15 C when it came under the sway of Pope Martin V. The fine fountain in Piazza Grande dates back to the 15 C, as does the nearby Palazzo Comunale.

The best starting point for visiting Panicale is the Church of Saint Sebastian which houses the very beautiful fresco of 'The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian' by Perugino (1505). The fresco takes up the entire rear wall of the Church and its sense of lightness is part of what makes it a masterpiece. The landscape in the background of the painting is the same as that visible from outside the church.

The 14 C Palazzo del Podestà, in Lombard-Gothic style, is located at the highest point in the town, Piazza Masolino, and not far away is the Ceasare Caporali Theatre which was originally built in the 18 C. It was redecorated by the architect Caproni in 1858 and remains one of the smallest Umbrian theatres with 154 seats, only 20 of which are in the pit. The theatre is, unusually, a wooden structure, decorated with stucco, and it still preserves the curtain painted in 1859 by Mariano Piervittori, dedicated to the handing over of the keys of Perugia to Boldrino Paneri.

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